Our consultants understand the depth and width of business functioning and are equipped with best practice solutions for your enterprise

Sunlogica - Logistics

Logistics Optimization

Providing solutions for entire Supply Chain to maximize productivity

Sunlogica - Operations

Operations Management

Providing solutions in converting materials and labor into goods and services efficiently

Inventory Management

Providing solutions for optimal stock management and reducing wastage

Business Process Optimization

Suggests ways to improve enterprise performance by managing business processes.

Strategy and Architecture

Developing IT Strategy for maximum productivity and value with cost optimization

Sunlogica - Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

Realigning policies, processes, equipment, data and people for overall effectiveness. 

Sunlogica - IT Policies

IT Policies

Effective usage and security of enterprise systems, networks, and resources

Sunlogica - Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance

Corporate governance, enterprise risk management and compliance aligned with respective laws and regulations

IT Governance

Efficient and productive usage of IT in enabling an enterprise achieve its goals.